Maintenance & Repair 


Your sewing machine should be professionally serviced at least once per year. Your first routine service is free for new machines purchased for more than $1000 from Bernina Sewing Centre. To keep your machine running great, don't miss your annual service! - If you sew more than 4 hours or so every day, you should service more frequently. Check with Steve for advice.

To properly service your machine, please bring the following items with your machine.

• Foot control
• #1 or #1C, #1D
• 3A Buttonhole foot
• Standard Zig Zag Stitch Plate
• 1 EMPTY Bobbin
• Bobbin Case
• 1 Embroidery Presser foot (#15, #26 or #9)
• Embroidery Unit (if applicable)
• Hoop (large Oval)

If you are experiencing trouble with a specific problem, please bring in the sample of what the machine is doing.

Please Note: DO NOT Bring any other items with your machine. BERNINA SEWING CENTRE will not be responsible for any items other than the requested items listed above.

35 Point General Service

Routine service includes attention to check these items as applicable to the machine features:

Clean inside of machine
Oil machine
Check motor
Check foot control
Check electrical connections
Check belt
Check pulley
Check hand wheel
Check bobbin winder
Check spool holder
Check cam stack gear
Check tension unit
Check needle bar
Check presser foot bar
Check hook driver
Check feed dog
Check needle front to back
Check needle position
Check zig zag swing
Check hook
Check back run/timing
Check needle height
Check needle hook clearance
Check embroidery unit on embroidery machines
Inspect for worn and broken parts
Adjust bobbin case tension
Adjust top tension
Adjust straight stitch
Adjust zig zag
Adjust thread regulator
Adjust balance
Adjust x and y positions on embroider units
Adjust speed control
Calibrate buttonhole on computerized machines
Clean outside of machine

Perform Regular Maintenance at Home

Regular cleaning and oiling of your machine and other simple maintenance steps you can perform will help keep your machine in good shape between Service. You should use your machine brush to clean the bobbin area after each sewing session and apply oil as instructed in your manual (and in your intro session). For more tips, watch the class schedule for Machine Maintenance class.